In this website, I'll do my best to describe my work as an engineering prof at the Departamento de Ingeniería Mecánica in Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (USM). Expect to find information on my research, teaching, and other cool stuff I might consider worth sharing.

Here is a link to my CV, but in short, I've been a faculty member at USM since 2015. Before that, I got a PhD and MS in mechanical engineering from Boston University, working in the research group of Prof. Lorena Barba (now at GWU), and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from USM (yes, same place I'm now!).

In terms of research, I work in the interface of biophysics, algorithms and math. More specifically, I'm into developing fast and accurate computational models for protein electrostatics, using boundary element methods and GPUs. However, lately I've been exploring other cool areas of physics from a numerical simulation perspective, like electromagnetic scattering of micro and nano scale things, with application to sensors. More on this on the 'Research' tab!