Teaching courses on fluid mechanics, CFD and fast algorithms.

Advanced fluid mechanics

Fourth year undergraduate course for mechanical engineering majors on selected topics in fluid mechanics. We cover potential flow, aerodynamics, boundary layer theory, turbulence, and compressible flow — in an introductory level. Class notes can be found in my Github account.

Fundamentals of computational fluid dynamics

Fourth year undergraduate course for mechanical engineering majors, introducing them to computational fluid dynamics. Class notes and lab sessions can be found in a the following link.

Fast algorithms

Graduate level course for mechanical engineering and computer science students. In this course, we discuss different algorithms to accelerate linear solvers and N-body problems. In particular, we cover Multigrid, FFT-based methos, Treecodes, Fast Multipole Methods, Fast Ewald Summations, and Hierarchical Matrices. Some demos I developed for this course are available in my Github account, and the class projects can be found in this link.